The Mission of the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute is to collect, exhibit, interpret and document images and artifacts related to the history of Selma, the Voting Rights struggle, Voting Rights in America, and the Civil Rights Movement.
The National Voting Rights Museum & Institute and the Slavery and Civil War Museum
Admission fees:
$6.50 per adult
$4.50 per student
$4.50 per senior citizen (55 and Over)

Footprints to Freedom Tour 
Includes tours of both museums, visits to other historic site such as the historic Brown Chapel A.M.E Church and a walk across the historic Edmund Pettus Bridge. 
Price per person or group:
1 – 5 people: $50.00 per person plus tour guide fee
6 – 7 people: $45.00 per person
8 – 10 people: $40.00 per person
11-19 people: $35.00 per person
20 or more people: $25.00 per person

Combination Tour – The National Voting Rights Museum & Institute & the Slavery and Civil War Museum
$10.90 per person (adult tour)
$8.75 per person (student only tour)
$10.00 per adult chaperone

Tour Guide: $75.00 for a guided tour (per museum), Tour Guide; Sam Walker

A $25.00 non-refundable processing fee/deposit is required for all scheduled tours Monday thru Thursday.
The National Voting Rights Museum and Institute has instituted a $25.00 Non-Refundable Processing Fee in the form of a Deposit for all scheduled tours to cover Administrative processing, Application processing and/or Cancelations.

A $100.00 non-refundable processing fee is required for all tours scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Taxes are included in the price of your tour.  You must show proof that your organization has tax-exempt status with the State of Alabama to be exempted from paying taxes.

All weekend tours scheduled outside of regular Museum hours must provide a cellular phone contact to the Museum of a person traveling with the tour group.

All processing fees must be received five (5) days prior to scheduled arrival.

Tour Coordinator must call the Museum, if the tour will be more than an one (1) hour late. If not contacted, the Museum will cancel tour. 

If there are any changes of cancellation in Museum tour, please contact Tour Coordinator or the NVRMI.

Tobacco use is not permitted inside the museum building, including meeting rooms, staff rooms, and restrooms.  Tobacco use is however permitted outside the museum on museum grounds at least 50 feet from building.

How to book your tour:
Call (334) 418-0800 and ask for Tour Coordinator, Brenda McCants. If Brenda is not available, any NVRMI staff personnel will assist in scheduling your tour.


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